Herman dune x

Beton Cire


good guys

"The MIKI" 
The MIKI is a Traditional Breton sailor hat Unisex and timeless.

Halfway between the cap and the beanie, no visor, in case of strong wind, uncovered ears to pay close attention to the slightest noise of a wave, the authentic hat is crafted by French hat makers to offer you a high end product.

The Story
David ivar, musician, artist and bodysurfer was already a big fan of Béton Ciré’s hats and was wearing his classic MIKI for a while when Good Guys and Béton Ciré decided to ask him to make a special vegan edition of the cult sailor hat the MIKI.

David Ivar Herman Dune
designed an original enamel pin with a little dog representing him wearing the hat and chose 2 colours for the vegan strap in the back.